In sub-Saharan Africa, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are the fastest growing sector in the world. Digital represents a huge potential, particularly for several key sectors, such as agriculture, education, financial services, administration, health, retail…, which could quickly benefit from the advantages brought by ICTs. However, investment to date has fallen far short of the real needs in terms of infrastructure and training.

Why should you invest?

  • The colossal and growing size of the market for ICTs in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • The lack of technological infrastructure, particularly in rural areas.
  • The mobile phone is currently alone in carrying the digital revolution.
  • Less than a third of Africans are currently connected to broadband Internet.
  • Thanks to NICTs, sub-Saharan Africa could:
    • accelerate its economic growth;
    • manage its resources more efficiently;
    • expand access to essential services, including for the most vulnerable.

Key figures of the African potential

  • In 2020, the contribution of ICTs is estimated at 8.6% of the GDP of all sub-Saharan countries.
  • An average annual growth rate of over 6% for mobile telephony (GSMA).
  • Sub-Saharan Africa will have 623 million unique subscribers by 2025 (GSMA).
  • By 2026, 3G, which accounts for 40% of mobile subscriptions, will remain the most widely used network technology.
  • The price of a broadband Internet connection is now 10 times more expensive in Africa than in Europe.
  • In order to ensure universal, affordable and quality access in Africa, $100 billion will need to be invested by 2030 (World Bank).

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